Send Personalized Campaigns, Track Clicks, and much more..

From sending a simple notification to creating a big volume campaign, our powerful features covers everything.


What We Do ?

Once your start using QuickTel, you will fell in love with the simplicity we provide with our powerful platform. Features that made us special..

Easy to use

From a technical organization to a non-technical individual, we have created the platform so simple that anyone can use it.

Fully Secured

We ensure the safety of our clients information and campaigns they are sending by using the best security measures.

High Performance

From a single message to a campaign of millions, all will be delivered on-time with our high performance servers.

Send or Schedule SMS Campaigns

Launch your campaign in minutes with our easy to use tools.

  • Send manual SMS campaigns
  • Send SMS using EXCEL sheet
  • Schedule your campaign for future dates
  • Send Personalized Messages using Dynamic messaging
  • Create Groups and import your contacts
  • Send Dynamic messages directly to your groups using group messaging
  • Send messages using API's

Track your Campaign Performance
With Click Tracking

1. Now you can track clicks in your SMS campaign using our URL shortening and click tracking feature. This feature will help you identify that which database id performing in your campaign.
2. This feature will also help you make decision to purchase database from third-party vendors.
3. This features is very powerful for affiliate, advertising and marketing agencies.

Delivery Reports

Get instant report of each message you send. You can download and export your report in an excel sheet as well.

  • Download campaign wise report
  • Search report option
  • Download custom date range report
  • Check report in the SMS platform itself
  • Download Clicks report of a campaign

Love from our Clients

It's always good to know that our we are making some positive changes to the businesses of our clients.

Now what are you waiting for?

Start using QuickTel today, take advantages of Quicktel features and enhance your customer experience.